(I haven't heard any memorable / relevant lyrics recently)

Sorry I've been quiet kids, I've been learning the Dutty Whine, which is not as easy to do as you'd think.

I've heard that they're going to have a blogger character in the next series of Dubplate Drama, but nobody has asked me if I wanted to play the part, so obviously I'm quite upset about that.

I'm DJing at the TDK Cross Central Festival on Saturday 26th August. I'm not on the flyer because I only got added to the line-up last week, but I'm on after Ruff Sqwad and will be playing a Dancehall / Booty Bass / US Hip Hop / Grime set, so don't miss it.

Check back soon for updates on Faction G's mixtape, Statik's stag party ideas for Pete Doherty's wedding, and loads of other life-changing stuff.


Anonymous said...

what time r ruff squad on at

LIONESS said...

Dutty Wine is for girls. Man grinding on man in a dance is not something people should even think about let alone try, although it's easy to get confused when you play at so many Grime raves (",)