Grime @ The Old Blue Last

Jammer and C Gritz from Neckle Camp played at the Old Blue Last a couple of nights back for the launch of Vice TV. Despite turning up two hours late and not bothering to bring a DJ (meaning my friend Luca had to jump in at the last minute), they were great. Jammer rather generously left behind a copy of "Murkle Man", which I obligingly put in my bag. Thanks Jam - you're too kind!

Here's a little video of them MCing over a new beat produced by Jammer.

Later on, my friend Jack cornered Jammer outside and got him to do a freestyle. I asked Jam for a free Murkle Man T-shirt, but he didn't have any with him. I've been promised one for Saturday at the TDK festival, where you can catch Neckle Camp playing live, and me DJing afterwards.

While Jack was filming, two wastemen came up to us and insisted they could do a better job.

I can't believe I didn't get these guys to do a proper clash with Jammer - that would have been hilarious.

The following night, Wiley, Skepta, and Frisco turned up at the Old Blue Last to do a Boy Better Know showcase for Vice TV. Frisco gave me a copy of his Back 2 Da Lab mixtape, and there's nothing I love more than free stuff, so that made me very happy.

Watch the footage below to see for yourself how good the night was.

For more videos from the night, go here.


Please keep sending me pics and videos and stuff. I'm getting loads of funny pics, but I want everything you've got. I'll be uploading all of the pics I've got so far in the next few days.


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How was TDK???

I was gonna go but... I couldn't be bothered!