Grime @ The TDK Festival

TDK on Saturday was pretty amazing. Ruff Sqwad, Jammer & Neckle Camp, Skepta, JME, Frisco, and Logan Sama all turned up and played in the Vice room.

I took loads of pictures and videos, so have a look:

Ruff Sqwad played first, but left straight after their set to go outside and fight amongst themselves.

I played next and had a girl in a gold bikini with her beer gut hanging out, and the guy from Spank Rock dancing to my set. (He's the one in the red hoody, not that anyone gives a shit).

Skepta then turned up with a bottle of Moet, which my friend later knocked over onto the floor. At first he was angry...

...but he later laughed it off.

Jammer had a chuckle too.

Neckle Camp performed songs from their album. People danced and stuff.

I then met JME backstage and he said he'd forgotten his camera, so I said I'd take some pictures for him so he could put them on his myspace blog.

He seemed most keen to have his picture taken with girls.

They were happy to oblige, though.

We then went through the whole club getting his picture taken with weird-looking guys...

...and drunk people.

When we'd finished, JME headed back to the Vice room to play on an Xbox.



Anonymous said...

blol! prancehall you're a funny guy, you and your photoshopping, when will you stop *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

rave looked heavy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are wank