Dan Stacey Is In Love With Me

679 Records sent me this last week. I was planning to put the pictures up before now but someone at work borrowed my camera (with the pics on) and I thought it was lost.

I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I took it to work with me for the day and got it to do a few poses.

The 7" relaxing in some foliage.

The 7" chilling with a bird.

The 7" getting acquainted with a stuffed creature.

The 7" trying to get lucky with a picture of a fat girl.

The 7" hanging out with some toys.

I'm not being funny or anything guys, but if there's like a proper 7" release with a colour sleeve and stuff, can I get one of those too?


Danny Walker said...

lol... That's funny. You should take it to subway. Damn, the best thing Dan Stacey ever sent me was some half-decent feedback on the Run the Road cover story. Its all about Chan Chan!


it was actually chantelle who sent it but i'd like to think little dan was there too helping her send it.