I'm on this ting like feathers on wings

I jumped in on a little studio session with Statik, Esco, Kraze and Tempa T last night. They've done an amazing track for my mixtape that VICE mag are putting out, so keep your ears peeled for that. Obviously, I can't be giving too much info away, but it's a remix of a Bugsy Malone track (true stories) and the Slew Dem guys sat down and wrote the whole thing in about half an hour. Tempz went crazy and wrote four verses, even though he only needed one.

Here's a little video of Esco laying down some bars:

I also had a chance to film some bits for my new TV series 'Prancehall TV'.

Tempa T taking on The Incredible Hulk

Kraze ripping off Tempa's arm


Gina Gold said...

Prancehall TV looks like its going to be grrrrreat

Anonymous said...

Temps is a ledg.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is the bugsy track the one that goes "we're the very best at being baaaaaaaaaaad guys"? or is it the one jodie foster sings solo? looking back, the huge success of bugsy malone really should have triggered more kid gangsta flicks.

Anonymous said...

haha that's insane!