I don't care man / I just go to the rave with bare man

I'm DJing at 333 this Friday with surprise guest MCs. The 'surprise guest' bit means I'm still not sure who's coming, but it's fine, somebody will show up. The 'surprise' bit could actually mean that when you get there, I'll be like: "SURPRISE...nobody showed up" but obviously that's not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

or... you could just not turn up like a total cunt of a white wasteman that you are.

go back to indie... grime don't want you

styleslut said...

Correction: Some dick claiming to be prancehall got into the club(genius) so the real prancehall couldnt get in for like an hour.

Emerge had some fucked up performance art thing blockin the stage so prancehall and ears couldnt get to the booth.

such is fuckin life.

For my next party we got danny walker djing and chantelle fiddy beatboxing. or breakdancing in y fronts.

which would you prefer?

DR said...

Whoever came up first, your a fucking spak.