Get back, draw for the...SPRAYYYY KILLL HIMMMM

I bumped into Slew Dem crew today. Tempz, Waifa and Puffz were about and they gave me some tracks. I should have taken a pic, I know, but I forgot.

Isn't Popworld shit now? I'm not saying it was good before because Miquita was there - she just laughed at the gay one's jokes and grunted, but it's definitely not a big look for Popworld right now.

As you guys know, it's been a tiny bit quiet on here recently. Well, the reason for this is that I've been busy working on my TV series: 'Prancehall presents...' which Channel 5 have bought the rights to.

What happens is, each month I infiltrate a different scene and present a 'sideways glance' of what is going on, as well as giving all of the inside gossip.

This month, the lucky scene to be given the Prancehall treatment is Drum and Bass. Firstly, just to give you guys some background to this underground scene called Drum and Bass, let me give you a typical example of the vernacular these chaps use:

"U r fukin well boshty mate, high 5 n all that mate. U got 20p mate? U got piles mate? Pissed ur kidney out? Did ya mate?"

Anyway, enough of that, let's have a look at a snippet of an interview I did:

If that in depth analysis has left you gasping for more, then also check out this clip below:

I also decided to take a quick look at the northern grime scene this month. Below is a short documentary I made, where you can see what kind of studios and equipment the guys up there use, as well as an example of a clash.

Next month: Irish Hip-Hop


Brosnan (HF) said...

OH GOLLY GOSH! HAHAHA I GOT A picture of tempa T.. wen he was like 9 lol and that isnt actually a joke! check out my blog for the exclusive!
oh yeah! that guy in the second video was on it like a back of chips! RUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

anyway my sexy little minx.. ill wank ya for a pound.. sorry was in lilly allen mode..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Devvo's Gal said...

... Hyper let me be frank.. are you Chantelle Fiddy?? and who is Lily Allen..

Hasn't she got some waste beef with Fiddy..

Why on your site do you constantly talk of "going down on Chantelle Fiddy" type things??

oh and why did you call Crazy Titch a rapist? I ever heard that?...Him and Durrty Goodz are up for trial this week..sad stories but true..alas. Anywayz girl you better hope man don't get out an turn Frank on your skinny beef or anyting get mi..its all love Hyper ..but be Frank are you Fiddy?

Devvo is the Plan b of the North..sheer Genius

ps. tomo i am going to jail for 3 months so i can't reply to anything.. but just to say Prancehall Big up uno self in da big placeeee/big up all da whiteys and da dar..arkieesss/rude gal in da house reppin Ynrc6 york

Anonymous said...

The beef thing is a prank. Chantelle wrote some big piece about it on her site..i don't know why but anyway it was funny..kinda.

so when you gonna be playing out again Prancer? whats happened to scorcher.


i'm djing in basement at 333, old street on friday june 16th.

scorcher has been in prison for a few months, but he's out friday. will see if he's up for jumping on my set at 333 if i can get hold of him.

Brosnan (HF) said...

whaat about im chantelle fiddy! whats that abut! and who and where did i call crazy titch a rapist! i actually sadi whats the point in supporting artists with all thIS ' FREE' BLAH BLAH stuff! when were supporting the people that are drowning the scene like drug dealers.. rapists.. etc..

its all just a joke! some people take things too seriously!

and why in gods name would you think im chantelle fidyd cos i randomly have things about people like her on my page..!

GET A GRIP! before i push u off a cliff

Danny Walker said...

Lol @ Internet beef. Anywho, I've got some pics of Tempah T in the 'studio' laying down his bars for the forthcoming Banjo Beat Riddim. Its a big look. The only thing is a cowboy hat covers his high top.

Prancer... If you can promise Scorcher... I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Basildon Boy said...

Even after all those pills, Taz and Beefy still have more skills than most of the grime B-teamers that survive by doing guest verses on beats produced by their cousins.

Also, I don't know if that link above is to the tune featuring Taz and Beefy (by Pendulum). If not, search for it, it's more shower than shower.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is

Anonymous said...

1. lily allen beef is real - that girl is a cock-sucking, coke-sniffing waste of space

2. hyper could never be chantelle fiddy, hyper is any white flingback groupie slosh trying to get in the game when she can't write or design for shit... stick to learning photoshop.

3. danny walker should update his blog more often