The game's O-V-E-R / Can't get in contact, blud, ring my PR

Statik and some guy from Arctic Monkeys.

It's been quiet on here because I'm no longer a student and have got a full time job. I've got lots of stuff coming up, so once I've scraped myself off the floor, you'll know all about it. Anyway, Arctic Monkeys did a secret gig at The Old Blue Last on Thursday. I was too busy pressing Peaches Geldof in the toilets to see the band (true stories), but that's life. Statik turned up and had a little chat to the Arctics outside and was like: 'shit, if only I had a copy of the grindie mixtape I could give you", so in I came like Skippy the Kangaroo to the rescue and gave them a copy I happened to be carrying in my pants (hold tight me). I've also got a little video clip, but I'm keeping it to myself. Peaches, call me.

Go to this tonight at 93 Feet East.


Mr Starks said...

really really i think grindie is swag, Statik should jus stick to try and move grime forward, i think hes scaredx that grime has no future so rather than try make grime go thru an evolution like people like davinche, roll deep etc are doing, he is trying to expand some horrible grindie mash up thing. Jay Z, Common, talib kweli have all been doing the indie, rock rap mash up thing but they return back to their rooots to try and keep raising the rap bar. Statik stop beggiin Indie friend's because they sell more, stop wasting their time, let them continue moving their indie scene forward as I am loving it (big up the arctic monkey and ofcourse tiny prancer for getting peaches geldof), and statik STOP BEGGING FRIENDS. excuse me while i reload my continual habit of listening to electric circus b y Common 4 times every sunday

pay me said...

grindie is the new punk.

Lily Allen is the new Nenneh Cherry.

I hate my life.

Anonymous said...

Statik looks half asleep in that photo, I dont think he's making P's, Now he loves indie does that make him a coconut?


he's still gonna have the whole of the grime scene on his album - i was asking him about him it at the gig.

you guys need to chillax.

have u heard his remix of the arctic monkeys ft. ears? amazing.