Strangle man with the microphone lead

OMG!!!!! Jammer's joined myspace!!!! Big look for the scene (not really). Whatever.

No, honestly when I found out, I was so excited I had to draw for my inhaler - nearly had an asthma attack.

Again, he's somehow forgotten to put me in his Top 8. Can people stop forgetting to put me in their Top 8 please!?!?! It's not a big look for me.

Go here if you wanna be Jammer's best friend :

The waste cadet pictured below has already taken

The guy's head looks like an egg that someone's drawn a face on, with some straw sellotaped on as hair. Wasteman.

Paul McCartney is divorcing his wifey. It's a shame really. She should have at least stuck it out until he died - only a few years left, surely. She'll probably get a few hundred million and a house or 3 and the dogs and stuff. He better hope she doesn't demand one of his legs too.


Gina Gold said...

You best not bump me for Jammer or youre off my Top 8 forever.

manara said...

hahaha i wondered who'd taken murkleman. he's repping the scene in comic sans

Anonymous said...

old joke: Paul mcCartney bought his wife Heather a plane for christmas..........
and a ladyshave for the other leg.

kaboom-tish! thank you! thank you! you are too kind!

Danny Walker said...

^^^ lol anon, that's good.

Jammer has already got more friends than me on his space - Dannywalker1's Myspace game is loooooooooooose.