I've been going on deep with a p-e-n from when I was t-e-n

Wiley's album design seems to be generating more discussion that the album itself. Some funny comments over at Dot-Alt about Wiley being too embarrassed to say no to JME offering to do the artwork.

As they so rightly say though: don't judge a long awaited cd by it's cover.

Talking of 'Boy Better Know' design, I bought Tinchy's mixtape a little while back (hold tight me) and did a mini review for it here. You have to scroll down a bit to find it.

Dizzee was on the Newham Generals' Rinse FM show again last Sunday. Download the show here. Pretty good, but nothing special.

Just came across this video of Lethal Bizzle and The Rakes. I'd never heard the part of the tune where tha bizzle turns into a deranged banshee before. Also, found this video of Lethal B and (possibly) Fumin doing a live PA of 'Pow' with them both MCing along to all of the parts. I guess they thought the indie kids wouldn't notice. And they were probably right.

Also, have a look at this hilarious video I found on Hyper's blog which he claims is Danny Walker dancing to 'Pow'. I've seen Danny shocking out at Straight Outta Bethnal before and I swear he was dancing like that. Man was bussing some different moves I swear. I heard that's one of the reasons that the night got shut down - the bouncers couldn't handle his dancing anymore.

Anyway, enough of the London scene. If you wanna see how mans up north get fizzy on a real, then check out the video below (courtesy of Kam). Ang tite Ginger Joe!

Biggest video I have ever seen in my life.

No lie.

True stories.

Real Talk.



alex bkbk said...

"you know that!

thats it im moving oop north where the ghetto makes sense rudeboy

Anonymous said...


styleslut said...

Danny walker is the greatest dancer, Ever.

I should know, he taught me how to dance.

Anonymous said...

this cover art debacle is similar to the production debacle

i mean.. it's great that skepta and jme learnt fruityloops and are writing their own beats, but fact is that if those beats are air, and they only bust bars over their own bars, then the fact that they're great mcs means nuffing cos all their tracks are going to be shit anyway. this is getting to be the problem with roll deep too.. wiley had a couple of hits but he aint a big producer

guys need to run like dizzee and link with guys j sweet, wonder, skream and those mans if they wanna stop making shitty mixtapes and start making big albums.

Anonymous said...

Dat POW dance mixed Michael Jackson, the Crip Walk, Napolean Dynamite's Dance scene, and Uncle Luke Campbell's Showgirls into one style. It was Shower to the 10th Power!!!

Anonymous said...


i swear he's doing 'riverdance' at one point

alex bkbk said...

skepta and wiley aren't big producers? you're off yr nut m8
true about albums not mixtapes tho

Brosnan (HF) said...

i swear that little kid onthe left sounds like lady sovereign NO LIE! by the way i am a 'SHE' just to announce it!
and to see my prediction of skeptas ugly 'album' cover scroll down further on my blog!

tom said...

tenner says the one on the right is related to fumin though.

dubmugga said...

shot man....that shit is just too much !!!


Mr Starks said...

straight up no long ones, grime and indie, is a no no, yeah u can borrow one of them to sing hooks on a grime tune and what not but pleasse do not put grime vocals on indie beats, grime is one riko away from crap, literally if another emcee with riko's skills enter the grime scene, then i totally shut down on grime. what the fuck was lethal on in dat studio and i bet u the idiot felt like a piooneer or something, please let the grindie thing go, instead of tryin to mesh the two because grime is going no where why don't we concentrate on making grime go somewhere. First of all emcees should stop putting out random tunes on channel u with no album to back it up. It is absolutely pointless cuz 2 weeks down the line all the youths are like what happened to that guy that had that good song, where is the album. Don't act like u haven't said that countless times. speaking of album check out the "mucus in nose" rapper known stupidly as, it seems he has the album out and also merchandise, prancehall u gotta get some merchandise as well man wat u on. Im out now to the best barber in the world "A Cut Above The Rest" to chill. Big up the east peeps, and as always big up the north weexy hates that tried to kill the eski dance at wartford with their boredom. Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Danny Walker said...

lmfao at Hyper (people in the RWD office are starting to think that is actually me *reloads Pow! and starts shocking out again*) and lol at Prancehall's comments.

Anywho, I don't think Wiley's cover is THAT bad. Let's wait for Skepta's mixtape - I mean - ALBUM and see what that looks like, I bet JME switches it up.

PS - Who the fuck cares what it looks like??? I put all that shit to iPod anyway!!!

Chantelle Fiddy said...

The artwork on 2nd Phaze was Wiley's choice, he wanted to use that pic despite people telling him 'nah cuzzie'... As for Ginger Joe, that was a clip entered into a comp to win a Kano BMX, amazingly they didn't get it. Someone's made a D&B remix using their lyrics, gotta hunt that down. Isn't that Lethal Bizzle/Rakes video on MTV2?

s. the boss said...

Hold tight all the graphic design aesthetes chatting about JME's photoshop skills.

Me and my friends have operated on a 'worse the cover - better the music' rule for quite a while and it has served us well in many areas. Based on this rule I think 2nd Phaze must be very good indeed, still haven't got mine. I think JME designing everything is a symptom of a good development which is that artists are taking things fully into their own hands and doing what they want with it. A lot of people love the 'fruity loops/mario paint/play station' sound of grime, well here it is in graphical form.

In short, bad graphic design usually packages the undiluted, un a+r-ed, un-airbrushed realness. If you want technically advanced 'good' graphic design go buy yourself some electronica records.

and yes, Danny Walker should start a new one man show called 'Showerdance'.

dan hancox said...

we dudududu doin it again

that grindie article in the guardian was waste. i'll "wylie" them in a minute...

yeah chantelle we were only kidding on dot-alt about jme forcing wiley to use his ahem, artwork.

imagine if skepta's album was done with clipart from microsoft word...

Anonymous said...

Better than most albums that look the shit but are just shit, plus this isn't a major label release is it? More in the mixtape tradition. Look at Premiers new mixtape...
Fuck it its people doing it for themselves so what if it is a bit lo fi.