Got caught with a point-five in the ride / Really I had a four-five in the ride

Catch me DJing at Riko's birthday bash on July 29.

Confirmed line-up in the grime room so far is: Prancehall, Big Mikee, Devilman, Logan Sama, God's Gift, Slimzee and Riko, Zimbon, Master B (Riko's little brother), Roll Deep two hour set with DJs Maximum and Karnage b2b with MCs Wiley, Breeze, Trim, Scratchy, Flow Dan, Jet Le, Manga, Brazen, Skepta and Bubbles.

(Notice how Slimzee has come out of retirement for the opportunity to DJ at the same night as me.)

Prancehall's Top 7 foot tappers:
Wiley, Rage, Esco, Jammer, Scorcher and God's Gift - 16 Bar
Phokus feat. Tinchy Stryder and Dirty Danger - Dem all shot
Scorcher - Hustlin' Freestyle
Wretch 3 2 - Lord Have Mercy
Wiley - So Amazing
JME and Wiley - Don't chat to me
DJ Shadow feat. David Banner - Seeing Thangs


Anonymous said...

line-up looks big

Anonymous said...

ot a tracklist for plasticman mix?



Slu Dem - Grime (Plastician intro)
Plastician - Vio-Lent
Plastician - Japan
Plastician - Shallow Grave 2005
Rossi B & Luca - Nobody Knows
Benga - Still Rockin
Skream - 0800
Plastician - Hocus Pocus
Geeneus - Dark Boy
Terror Danjah - Top Producer Remix
Spyro - Gem
Imperial - X Files
Jammer - Shangooli
Digital Mystikz - Shattered
Wiley - Gangsterz
Geeneus - Parasite 2006
Triple Threat f/ Various - No Respect
Terror Danjah - Untitled
Scratchy - Shangooli (Wiley Remix)