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I went along to FWD on Thursday. I Enjoyed Hatcha's set a lot more than I thought I would. The thing about 'meditating on bass weight' that people always talk about is definitely true.

Plasticman The Plastician (back to back with Geeneus) DJed for the last hour of the night and was as good as he always is - I don't know why people always say Mac 10 is the best grime DJ; Plastic is easily as good. One problem on Thursday though was the sound - Plastic and Geeneus were using Final Scratch for their set and through the Plastic People speakers, the mp3s sounded really harsh. The percussion was really piercing and just didn't sound right.

You can listen back to that set and future live sets from FWD here - just subscribe to the feed.

Read a grindie article in the Guardian here.

I bought Wiley's 'Da 2nd Phaze' earlier this week. I won't give it a full review right now since I have to review it for a few other places, but it's definitely the most essential grime release of the last few years. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the front cover is awful. The picture really lets it down - it's a really lo-fi image. If there's a re-press, they need to change that image.

Buy the album here.


TiNy said...

thanks for the FWD link. BRAP! from DALLAS TX

Mr Starks said...

I ain't even fucking around, the wiley album is the best thing since Primark sold boxers for 2.50 a pop. Although there were a few old tracks, still it was refreshing to hear a whole grime album in which we kno who the main artist is compared to those shitty video tunes on channel you with a whole football team with emcees screaming lyrics about killing our parents and friends. Also good look on the grindie thing, it is a big ting though. Look out for this indie band called postal service they are sick. I personally find the grindie things boring and it could be goood but still ummh, jus watching and tryin my own experiments as well. Keep it up and please give a should out to my blogg man. Easy boy boy

Immryr said...

bahaha, i just clocked the pokemon song video cunningly hidden.

On The Rebound said...

If only you knew how my day was going. I was searching for one thing and I ended up here. Now you see how that might affect me!