When I say selenki people get mad

I'm back. No. 1 grime groupie in the game. Did I tell you about that time I spoke to some MC? He completely ignored me, but yeah, it was deep.

Flamin on the bus with his dog

Anyway, my little set with Ears at the OBL on Friday was pretty good. Flamin and Ears' friend who is a pilot (?) came too. When I arrived, the room was looking empty, but Ears luckily had his shower cap on and within minutes the place was full and he had the whole crowd going. I GUARANTEE Ears is gonna have a record deal by the end of the year - he's an amazing performer. I haven't practiced in months, so I'm blaming that, as well as the decks, the speakers, George Bush, Third World Debt etc. for me not being the best thing in the world ever. I was sweating like a paedo in a nursery - I really need to sort my life out. I think I'm coming down with something.

After that I headed to Straight Outta Bethnal. I saw more fights that night than I've seen all year (probably). On the way, I saw a guy dressed in a spandex superman costume getting beaten up. I was like: "HELLO!!!???!!!! I REALISE YOU'RE FIGHTING ABOUT SIX OTHER GUYS, BUT AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE SUPERMAN???" Wasteman.

When I arrived at the 333, it was absolutely rammed downstairs. Ghetto, Scorcher, Demon, Lightning and loads of others were on stage. Apparently Devlin was there earlier, but I missed him. Ghetto was going crazy and got the crowd going a little, but sometimes he needs to spit more clearly. Scorcher was the highlight for me maybe. He's got loads of bars and is improving every time I see him. This was probably the best grime night of the year, but I'd be lying if I said I had a more than average time. The atmosphere was pretty weird. There was hardly any reaction from the crowd for most of the night. There seemed to be a bit of tension in the crowd, but nothing really happened.

Later, Wiley, Tinchy, Skepta, JME and God's Gift all turned up sporting "Boy Better Know" T-shirts. I really want one, so I might just make my own or something and stand in the crowd wearing it like a weirdo at the next night. Footsie, Syer B, D Double, Dimples and loads of others were around too. Skepta is a few levels above every other grime MC right now. He's got the clearest voice, the catchiest lyrics, the best stage presence, the furry hat...everything.

The lowlight was some guy getting on stage and punching Fuda Guy in the boat-y. It was over Fuda splashing a tiny bit of water on some guy and then the guy went crazy and got about 6 of his friends to jump on stage. Actually, it wasn't all bad because half of the people downstairs shit their pants when they saw fists flying and ran for the door, leaving a lot more room - it was too packed anyway. They need more security downstairs - if anything did kick off, the two security guys wouldn't have been able to do anything, but luckily it cooled down within about a minute.

I left when Skepta, Wiley etc. finished, leaving the usual suspects who turn up to EVERY Straight Outta Bethnal to spit their ancient bars. I was gonna go and thank Chantelle for letting me in for free (first time I've ever got into a grime night free I think) and for hooking it up so some people who came along to my little night got a discount to the 333 afterwards, but I didn't see her inside and then when I tried to speak to her outside, she gave me air pie. Well, not air pie, but I tried to say hi and she turned around and spoke to someone else and then walked off. Oh well.

One more thing: I saw some kind of Christian grime crew spitting outside the McDonalds on Seven Sisters Road today. Maybe they could play at the next 333 event - guaranteed to be no trouble. That's my tip for next year - Christian Grime.


Don't forget: Wiley and DJ Maximum at 93 Feet East tonight.


Anonymous said...

The only thing you’re coming down with is arrogance. You won’t be able to fit into a New Era.

Check this ->

I joined up all my videophone clips from last night together

PS. The room was only empty cos Paul ran out of records because you were late. It was packed 10 mins earlier. Anyway now we know what works when.


what is that pic?

nothing to do with me.

also, the room was pretty empty until ears came on - just saying what it was like when i arrived. everyone came upstairs to see ears.

Anonymous said...

No worries. That pic's from the ladies toilet in the Old Blue Last. Who's Lady Boomting?



Anonymous said...

lady boomting might be german - cause HH can mean Hamburg City. She had her name ALL over the ladies telling the world how much she loves prancehall. and HH all over the walls of the bar.

Anonymous said...


update your rinse schedule


Bitemarx said...

An internet gangsta, somethin we all wana be,
Already lookin shook, my mouth against the M-I-C.
You find it hard to articulate, until you dun ejaculate,
Screamin Hattie's name, it seems alone you play this game.

I admit that I'm new to MC banter,
A cunt, like a hunter, I'm lookin for the fronta,
Seems before I let you have it, you dun run for cover,
Moving to the next best thing, the child bearer, your mother.

Your hand that rocks the cradle,
looks dumfounded, unsteady, uncapable,
your girl 3 years, a fable,
a story you tell your stable.

So Mr. Prancehall, guild to the pricks/(slash)those that like dancehall, a combination inherently linked to low IQ,
your basic lyrical ability is tasteless, n like your face, shrouded be ugliness.

Your basis for taste is embarressing, your words, your rhymes, harrassing,
slewin those at RWD mag, I'd like to see what other genius you can pull out of your goodie bag.

Opinions, reviews, pretense is immense,
If I were to try a rhyme like yours, it wouldn't hold suspense. That's where I'll it for now, until the next time, big tings be gwan, until the next rhyme.

Anonymous said...

The Gump above this comment that tried to come with some rhymes needs to take of the hattie collins cape, and give me my 30 seconds back.

Maybe he was the psuedo-super dude that was catching multiple hot-ones the other night. (prolly for letting loose those waste bars in public)

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhutyuh gaping fassy.

Danny Walker said...

Damn those offline beefs. lol at online beefs. Anywho, I swear I saw you Mr Prancehall.

Check out my Straight Outta Bethnal review...

Anonymous said...

I vant your grime babies