Won't bring a strap if the beef is petty

Biggest news to report in grime this week year is that Skepta has joined myspace. Naturally he's added me, although he's somehow forgotten to put me in his top 8. He tried to private message me through myspace too, but obviously I didn't read it cos private messagers get B.U.N. Not really.

I ended up going to the grindie party last night. Had a really good time. I noticed Knuckles has also got a high top fade. Trust me, that is the look right now. I might even get one.

I had a chat with Scorcher and Ears who were there MCing on Statik's set. D Dark also performed and was really great. Someone introduced me to Hattie Collins, which, to be honest was not something I had planned on, since I like to keep myself on the DL, but she was really friendly and didn't even try to slap me, so it was fine. Miquita from Popworld was also around in the crowd too. I tried to hook Scorcher up with her later on but I don't think she was interested. To be honest, I think she secretly had a thing for me. Even though she kept ignoring me when I tried to make conversation and she literally ran across the road to her wasteman boyfriend when I tried to talk to her outside, I could tell there was some kind of chemistry. Someone told me that she pressed Kano a while back and she gave her digits to Lethal B in a club once (PRANCEHALL EXCLUSIVE), although I don't think I was supposed to tell anyone.

When the grindie thing was over, I headed to Cargo to see tha Bizzle, but we couldn't blag our way in for free, so we left. I did meet Ghetto outside though - who was shorter than I expected.

It's another busy weekend for prancehall.

First, I'm DJing on Friday at the Old Blue Last. Ears is gonna MC on my set and maybe Scorcher too. After that, I'm heading to the 333 to see Tinchy, Scorch, Ghetto etc. People who go to the O.B.L. first get half price entry to 333 or something.

If that isn't enough, Wiley is performing at wwwhut!? at 93 Feet East on Saturday with DJ Maximum.


simon silverdollar aka Fassy Breed said...

sorry about breaking yr cover and introducing you to Hattie. i just couldn't resist- i was in a mischevious mood last night...

Chantelle Fiddy said...

If I don't get introduced tonight I'm gonna be pissssssssssed

Anonymous said...

Step ya blog game up, you sound like a fucking groupie!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Step ya blog game up, you sound like a fucking groupie!"

You fucking waste of a wasteman.

Immryr said...

Fiddy is definitely looking to link prancehall

Anonymous said...

C.Fiddy sees tiny as a career move. uve been warned

Chantelle Fiddy said...


naomi said...

....ark at Chantelle wid your Vicky Pollard style Shh huht yuh muh. I'd like ta Puhh hun chuu ya in da Muht. No long ting! maby you could get Adidas ta sponsor a bare knuckle fight between mi an you (you could bring Hatti ta fight as well.. its nothing), Plan B could be da girl dat walks around in a thong.. all mincey an stuff. Id an Rwd get da excluso coverage... Ohhhhh ohhhh an Run da Roads could like put out da DVD like a kinda Risky Roadz kinda ting wid like exclso traxs from Newham Generals, Skepta, Vybz Cartel an Spice. Yes Fiddy make dat happen, now, now, now, now. It would be fantesticle...

Da winner gets ta sleep wid like, Skepta, Prancehall, Riko, Wonder, Slimzee , Prancehall, Target, Lethal B (mans blonko) an like 2 anyguys (must Mc a bit doe)..an Prancehall

Da loser has ta sleep wid Jammer an... dan stacey. (yes Fiddy dats a punishment). Oh 1 finger rimming/skanking inna mi batti, it would be fantesticle.

Good ta si Fiddy taking full advantage of Prancehalls policy of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH", unlike your blog wid its "All comments will be censored by da Author". I swear you gathering info for da boy dem or worse still da Conservatives. Gal are da words "Hypocrite an Ironic" totally lost on you.

Gal better Know

Anyone seen "Tstosi"? films beautiful and poignant. Fiddy I suggest ya watch it! Gal might learn someting bout Culture as opposed ta Vulture.

Big lipped, Nappie headed, apple booty, Zulu shanker.

" Will bring da spear if da beef is Petty"

Hack/Knee Da beautiful struggle

Prancehall " You know its hard out here for a pimp"

Headz High

p.s Fiddys whoule lifes one big career move

Anonymous said...

so weird dat prancehall gets all these bookins an no1 knows who he is and i mean any1 in da scene or writers like chantelle but people grindin on radio dont get a look in
i recon hes been lettin off shines

Netti (naomis lickle sista) said...

...yeah giving shiners worked for Fiddy an R Kelly.. den why not prancehall (prancer please its not worth it blud...ok it will get noticed, n it will help your career but integrity n honesty should not be blown away... Arrghhha ha ha ha ha hi ha hi har)

Everyone in Hackney knows who Prancehall is an in Birmingham tut.. (you gay Hoxton/shoreditch folk wouldn't know would ya!)

Say da name Prancehall to any Taliban supporting 11 ta 56 yr from da bangladeshi community (eh don't fuck wid da Shadwell massive)in Tower hamlets an they'll show you where prancer lives, get mi, no longo tingo...

i met him twice at One man Standing (he woz doing a set wid Mac 10) an den at Sugar n Spice in Hackney. I shared my calaloo an ockra wid him in exchange for an old bounty killah track an a dusty copy of Vice.

Prancer kinda looks like a squashed, albino Shabba Ranx or Godsgift wid flu.. get mi.. propa like innocent, an cute as a button.

I swear on my stepmums life i'm not making dis up. May God strike her dead if i'm lying!

Keep da Peace an try not ta give shiners, unless its black eyes...

will bring da spear if da beef gets petty

Big lips,big breasts, nappi head
Netti x