When Bushkin and Mighty used to merk it / When I used to beat my cousin at Street Fighter: Perfect

Hattie's had the whole RWD office hard at work all day and all they could come up with is this:

I admit it, your last lyric was really quite nice,
But mate, I'm Slim Shady, you're just Obie Trice,
You're Banks to my 50, Faith to my Mary,
So lets stop this now, cos you're getting pure air-y,

And late? Well, lets see,
Since back in '03, I've written about Kane and Dizzee and DEE,
Prancehall I'm bored, I've over this clash,
I think what you need, is to go get some gash,

Cuz, what's the problem? Do you want to kiss me?
Do you say the word 'Hattie' and have a sex wee?
The only time you get girl is when you beg on your knees,
And it's no surprise, cos you've got bare STDs,

You can't show your face, cos it makes the girls heave,
And I heard your balls be sweaty and your dick stinks of cheese,
You have anal-seepage? Kid, try a butt-plug,
But no matter what you do, you'll still be a mug,

Come on now Prancey, tell us your name.
What is it? Clarence? Derek? Or Wayne?
Oh sorry, dear Prancey, But it looks like I've won,
I'm just So, So Solid, but you're Romeo Dunn.

WOW. I was expecting her bars to be kinda swag, but those just take the piss. She's merked herself. Check the RWD forum for the war report.

I don't even need to write anymore bars to merk her (but I still will anyway).

Check your own boat if you wanna talk about acne.
If I've got beef, Chronik's gonna back me.
You can bring the whole of RWD but you still can't smack me.
You're straight outta Hampshire, I'm straight outta Hackney.

When you see her on road, slap that batty.
If she tries to get rude, slap that Hattie.
Her and Chan best mates like Cap and Ratty.
You need to sort yourself out, love, you're looking a bit tatty.

You eat man meat, I only eat Quorn.
I've been into grime since before Dizzee was born.
You stay up all night writing swag bars till dawn.
When I dead you, only wastemen will mourn.

I'm Skepta, you're S Club's Bradley.
Any man with a pulse, you'll press him gladly.
You thought you could merk me, but it's all gone badly.
Were your waste bars written by Tony Hadley?

My bars are big like the Eiffel Tower.
Every night Chantelle gives you a golden shower.
I've taken your pride like I took your mum's flower.
Stop writing bars and go shave your chihuahua.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gwan prancey brAAp

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

that last stanzle merked

Lady Vanity said...

Brap...But the picture alone just killed her, its over...

Fav Quote:
"My blog's KRISSS, your blog's tatty.
Your pum pum smells like a salt-fish patty.

I draw for my skeng, you draw your pension.
You keep pissing yourself - got a problem with water retention"

Anonymous said...

oh my days, HARRIET got merked. but then she prob wont remember getting slewed cos shes about 59. really though, how can you be editor of rwd and get murked by a blogger? couldnt she get danny walker to write her some non-swaggish bars? she doesnt know nothing about grime - she admitted in her blog when she went to see newham gens perform at dizzee's showcase that she doesnt even like the music. fuck knows how she ended up being rwd editor. no wonder rwd has so many waste american artists in it now.

im not into (verbal) violence against women but prancehall blud.... murk her differently

Anonymous said...

hattie got urkled. she killed her own self when she started that shit about sex wee. if i was her i would ask chantelle 2 ghost write for me

Anonymous said...

Hattie got nocked back, smacked up in a rave
Her bars were weak prancehall's were off the page,
chantelle & fiddy got merked.. bare slewage/
hattie's a dog chattin bare shit
email her blog once an shes on mans dick
show me a picture, man was almost crying never mind being sick
i swear she has bare aids
RWD must be waste to start hiring transexual pricks
give her house a raid, mans findin bare dildos,condoms and gays!
swear this bitch is a man
seen her face made me wanna go to iraq, marry an afgan an join the taliban
naw straight up seen hattie beggin for pussy up in da ends
and i swear down her and chantelle fiddy are more than just best friends!


Anonymous said...

chan and hatt want to rape you!!! braaaaaap

Anonymous said...

to be honest u did kinda murk hattie,but shes older ur not, hardly seems fair! i can smack down any pickney bt it dont neccesarily mean im all dat! i didnt expect her to spit and she was way better then i expected her to be (so big her up 4 tryin)
but on a level, if it wernt for u tryin to beef it wit fiddy and collins u wouldnt b recievin as much love like u are now coz bare ppl ever only herd about u coz they have put in on there blog and even link u 2 frm their blog!
N17 peng gurl

herbiehatesyou said...

yeah i think fiddy needs to ghostwrite for hattie cos her partner (not in a lesbo sense) is taking a beating. prancehall is blatantly just bitter they both wont let him have a threesome with the guys from risky roadz taping but this is the wrong way to go about it blud. you will never write for rwd now.

Anonymous said...

Oh my DAYS!!! Check out that WAR REPORT on RWD! Some one has BEEF! Those girls got Murked differently!

Anonymous said...

Pay her 3 bills to get in her mag.
Pay her 1 bill to get in her vag.


Anonymous said...

lol they deleted teh rwd thread

Naomi said...

Boi, I understand that you had to take my comment on ur fiddy/hatti Beef off due to "heckling from the powers dat be"
(Dem nah like mi and mi nah likeee demmmmmm. Bomba Clat Pussis) lol

Talking about sueing man and shit if they didn't take down post (err)
Censorship Prancehall in 2006 is

1) a paranoid attempt at control
2) ignore the strong attack da weak
3)Very Gay

Anyway Prancehall Victory is yours!

"Say wot I wanna say.
I ain't afraid to Ave it Out.
An if I can't speak/Bitch
I afraid to Shank it Out"

Naomi x

naomi said...

Say what I wanna say
I ain't afraid to have it out
An if I can't speak/bitch
I ain't afraid to shank it out

Anonymous said...

prancey should write bars for big scene stars

if someone came wif these shower bars on rinse it would change the game

Anonymous said...

OH MY DAYS! Bigup prancehall McShowerFaceNeck. Yikes! You definitely dominated that, even if it was an internet journalist ascii clash. And I'm not gonna put my name because I want RWD to write about me, but WOW. You definitely should start spitting dog, even if you're voice is waste and you're a skinny white dude. You'd get reloads for laughs alone.

Anonymous said...

Only a fat, white, bitter, wasteman/girl would write dat, no doubt bitter dat while they are simply; fat, white and waste,
Prancehall on the other hand is skinny (bonus if you ask me) white (doh), waste vocal (silent). But he also talented, whilst you are air.

Oi Prancehall blud you should offer to look after Riko dan's site. Get a bit of backactive behind ya son (nahh waaw i meannn) or maby Gods Gift.

If all else fails ask Riko if you can borrow da big ting (trust me blud he ain't feeling da whole rascist ting. yeah he'd fuck man up for ya)

Rinse is killin it