Before Mark Morrison was a dealer / When Margaret was the government leader / A bottle of Coke was 99 pence for a litre

Yeah, Hattie's replied with round 2:

Did I call you Nas?
My bad, I meant Cam'Ron
Cos with those weak-ass bars, you sound like me Nan son,
And when I say son, don't get it undone,
Cos you ain't too big to get a slap on the bum.

Go on then, go on then, draw for your tool,
Oh sorry, you can't cos it's too small,
You clearly need a penis extension,
Cos your dick is too small to even merit a mention.

And as for your blog, you should title it 'log,
Cos it's so shit, it's only good for the bog,
'Prancehall ain't a wasteman?'
Don't make me laugh,
Your writing's so stinky it needs a good bath,
Cuzzie, you're so waste, the bin-men left you,
Just like your mother, when you were 2,
Well, that must be the reason you gotta slew,
Women that obviously are better than you,
Now go back to masturbating, stop being so lame,
I've got to return to running this game.

WASTE. This is too easy...

Pay her 3 bills to get in her mag.
Pay her 1 bill to get in her vag.
How can you post bars that are totally swag?
Your wrinkled up boat looks like an old plastic bag.

31 going on 80.
No one asks you for a datey.
Try jump on this grime thing, you're latey.
It's not Hattie, it's Hatey.

I flow like the river Euphrates.
I'm calm, you're geting in a statey.
I'll whip out my brand new ma-chay-tee
and chop you up like a potatey.

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