Rudeboy I ain't lost it, I've found it / Year to year, I was around it

I've been side-tracked.

I've got two competitions going. These may well be the last thing you ever see here.

1st competition:

If you live in America and wanna win a copy of the Run The Road 2 compilation, then email me here. You don't need to answer any questions, just send me your name and address and I will randomly choose someone.

(If you do not want to receive news etc. from Vice Records, then please state this in your email).

2nd competition:

If you want a copy of the SLIT JOCKEY mixtape, email me here. Aaron from Slit Jockey has hooked me up with three copies - just email me your details and I'll choose some people.

One last thing - fuck Time Out magazine. I wrote to them suggesting a story a couple of months back and now I see they've run the story but with some other wasteman writing the article.


Anonymous said...


I live in America, but I don't need Run the road 2 (its been dusty for a while now). Will you send me JME's mixtape Instead?


if JME wants to give me some copies, you can have one. this is unlikely though.

alex bkbk said...

just buy it, jesus. support the scene, uype ting and all that

Anonymous said...

"These may well be the last thing you ever see here."
- Where are you going?

Anonymous said...

you are the vice grimewatch writer arent you? i wasnt sure it was you but now i am.

Anonymous said...

Tiny, better watch out - you're almost revealing your identity in the reflection in the glass up there.

herbiehatesyou said...

nothing new about that
everyone knows who prancehall is and what he looks like if you went to that whitechapel art gallery thing he was DJing at
i saw him at rinsessions as well
mans is bigger than bossman and kronik put together
he looks harder than loefah as well
mans had plenty of the people around him shook
no wonder no one tests the prancer
he is properly serious

Anonymous said...

prancey you cant stop updating

this is the only blog on net worth reading

that hattie c clash was bare jokes

Anonymous said...

Is dis a fucking Run da Road 2/Chantelle Fiddy promotional site . Dis is looking like some batty boi PR stunts . dis is all a bunch of bullshit hype to SELl Run da Road 2. You probably all work in the same fucking offices together. 679, Vice. You got a common goal "to push Run da Roads 2". Make Money Money. I would expect dis shit from 679 (Dan Stacey) his sidekick Fidd pence but not Vice man. You niggas supposed to be keepin it real fi stright up blud clat Killers. Rep for these bomba clat streets. Don't stoop to 679 low shit. Its corporate man/gal dem. pretending to unbiasdly report shit TRYIN dominate da fucking scene. DOCUMENT THE WHOLE FUCKING SCENE pusssies. You supoosed to be journalists bitches not Run da Road 679 snitches.

Headz High Prancehall

Lethal B
Bizzleee Power

Don't take dis shit off like you did dat gully bitch who slew chantell and hatti on ere an rwd.


"You supoosed to be journalists bitches not Run da Road 679 snitches."




Anonymous said...

lol. Lethal B for london Mayor. Robin Sherwood... joker.

"3 Albums"

Brapp Brappp

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lethal 100% on that one... SORT IT OUT!

herbiehatesyou said...

that aint the real bizzle but hes got a good point still. this site is turning into a promotional PR pussyhole of a blog. be careful prancer or youre gonna end up like the male homosexual version of chantelle fiddys blog but instead of getting your mouth filled with grime jizzism youre gonna be getting ananlly slewed with grime mans ramming their dubplates down your (r)asshole (what i mean is youre gonna end up just being a promotional tool instead of an opinion blog for grime). still, this is better than hattie collins or fiddys' waste blogs. those two girls couldnt have an opinion about anything if you told them you were gonna permanently bury them in the mastermind chair. theyre basically PR cock fluffers. allow that prancehall.

Anonymous said...

Yo did anyone record the last plasticman set on Rinse? If any one got a link ;-)

Anonymous said...

yeah i want that too
anyone got it?

Tom Le Bree said...

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting a comment on a thread like this but I’ve never seen so many disgruntled industry bod’s posting up under pseudonyms in my life.

Instead of complaining about how badly you think Hattie and Chan are doing things get off you arses and do something for your self.

Le Bree

Jim Bergerac said...

Prancehall, I hope you aren't thinking of sacking your blog off because the rwd mag mafia got to you. Don't do it - the standard of grime journalism is too poor right now, you need to keep going.

Anonymous said...

prancehall u r quite big. the game needs you yeah

Anonymous said...

You took off my comment. Dats annoying. Mans to lean to type shit again. Dis black stout bitch dragon and her yardie bredrin highgrade have fucked me up.....

Stoned Showerman
I live to fight another day

Headz High Prancehall

Anonymous said...

seriously, a lot of people are dissing hattie collins and chantelle fiddy but if you really hate their work (and i hope its only their work that you hate them for, not them, cos thats even worse), then try and do better. write for some magazines or websites or something and do better coverage if you think their stuff is so bad. all this complaining makes you cunts look like a load of bitter fuckwads. and prancehall might have won in his beef but why was he beefing with hattie anyway? just to make himself look better? laaaaame

naomi said...

We ain't.. cunts
blud, we...C....E.....O's
and we won't back down
Till we....C....some....Doe.

We roll Deep
I'll fuck you up
with no mercy/
I been
doing dis since sixteen/
shanking man for my Team/

Stop. Tryin to clown we/
Cause nothing but da eagle and da Heart man surround mi

Yeah Yeah I talk all brezzey/but I got the streets locked
blud/easy easy

you don't know da life dat I'm
livin in/da games about to change blud/
I'm just tryin to bring my click in/


" hoods rough blud I'm not bragging..
Mums lose there kidz like Dungeon and Dragons"
youngers roll through on da peds
blud...looking like an army
don't wanna get jerked/don't roll through the park, please"

You won't see us by staring in da mirror blud....Understand. Its just your own reflection.

Anonymous said...

Wow what boring wind bags (its only music guys) try shaking a leg. Maby go down to Straight Outta Bethnal Tonight! God you could try being grateful.

p.s I'd love a copy of Run da Roads 2 even if no one else does.