My game's up not down / You can't jack a ting when i'm 'ere, you will get shut down

I was just listening to Wiley's big new single 'Eskiboy' and you're never gonna guess what he's gone and done! He's gone and jacked my lyrics!

Do you remember last year when I was writing war bars and calling out names? Well, Wiley was obviously liking some of my bars.

My lyrics:

Think you're big cos u know skepta's cousin.
You smell like shit; flies round u r buzzin.
You got 1 rhyme, i got 12 dozen.

Wiley's lyrics:

You know me, I got the UK buzzin'/ If you dont know about me, ask your cousin / I aint just big in E3 / Come round the country with me, I meet girls in dozens

Now, I'm not saying he's copied my lyrics or anything, I'm just saying...

It's fine.

One thing that isn't fine, though is everyone quoting my cuzzy Jack about Ricardo Villalobos dropping Skream's 'Request Line', but not giving Jack any credit.

I swear I see that quoted somewhere different every week. What if he just made it up?

Seriously guys, if you're gonna mention that again, I want 5 bills.


Anonymous said...

quite right. Every time that piece of information gets published i wanna see (Jack 2005) after it.

LethalFizzle said...

yeah i heard jack told richard v to play the skream track. actually i heard jack told skream to make request line before skream even thought about it too.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Tall Paul is gonna make a remix on request line.

Anonymous said...

is that u in the photo?

Anonymous said...

dude. I was there too. RV did drop Request Line on Nov 20th at 8am. truth.

Anonymous said...

I haven't got a clue whether he copied 3 words of your lyric, but his is at least the better lyric. And it's attached to a good song. Who are you? I just hit your link 'cos I was googling for the Wiley track.