I suggest you embrace man / Couldn't take me for a wasteman

Dizzee Rascal with Newham Generals on Rinse FM

It's quite weird to hear dizzee again.


Anonymous said...

please repost the file link

Anonymous said...

i can host it for you, holla

tom said...

got a link for it on my blog if thats easier.

LethalFizzle said...

im typing this as i listen to the mp3 rip
but basically he is STILL making most other grime MCs look like fucking wastemen
big up dizzee
still the biggest MC to come from the scene
DEE and foots are big on this set as well of course, not sure about the vocal cuts they were playing before the live spitting though...
gotta say its big to hear dizzee spitting hard on real proper grime again
for a minute i wasnt sure if he could still do it
this is kind of weird to hear him spitting some of his old bars though and bigging up slimzee et al
but oh my god this is sick
his flow sounds a bit simple like this for some reason
not flowing as seamlessly as he used to on old sets
the flow sounds quite chopped
footsie sounds CHARGED coming in after dizzee

LethalFizzle said...

actually, dizzee wasnt that great was he?
i think i was going nuts just cos its dizzee on rinse again
he was alright but he sounds sort of wrong on grime now
maybe cos he doesnt sound generic like everyone else but his flow sounds sort of wrong over these beats
its like he doesnt write to grime anymore so when he tries to rap over beats like this he sounds like a strange fit
but then its not like other mcs dont suffer from the same problem
i was just hoping for more from dizzee, i suppose

LethalFizzle said...

ok ill stop posting about this now but just compare how he sounds spitting the stand up tall bars compared to his other newer bars - the new flow sounds odd
maybe i just have to get used to it, i dunno
some of his new lyrics also sound a bit hip hoppy IMHO (all that 'im so hated/famous, etc' type stuff)
but overall the old style was better and more fluid and less simplistic
maybe its a new thing hes doing though that i have to adjust to
wonder what the new album will sound like

Walter Odington said...

MPC - you are needed at

Still reading and chuckling over this blog regular