Virus Syndicate and body language

Virus Syndicate, "Slow Down"

It's a good video, but Mark One needs to work on his gun fingers. Not "road" enough for my liking. Read below for a full analysis.

Right, schoolboy error right off the bat from Mark here, the hand has been thrown too early, before anyone has even started rhyming in fact. It's the first thing you learn: Don't bust a move before the fat man starts talking.

School boy errors. Every one of them. Now watch and learn:

Here's the pre-throw, something that a lot of youngsters these days overlook, but without a good build-up you're building your throw on weak foundations. Look at this, great elevation, good solid angles on the arms, nice hand positioning – it's got all the makings of a classic throw.

This is beautiful combination work from Nika D here, throwing the gunpoint and the chop, elbows level, full of conviction – he's a model for the younger generation coming through.

You just can't argue with this one, it's clear that hours on the training park have paid off, just look at that conviction. I know that I'd hand over my wallet!


boomnoise said...

ska riddim? cheesy vocals? bloody scat man john at the end!

Immryr said...

hahahahahaha funny stuff as per usual.

i did happen to notice mark ones lack of conviction in his jesticulations when i watched the slow down video.

he's clearly not a top boy in this MTV world, maybe he should get lessons in how to bust a move from riko dan.

man was skankin serious on TOTP