I'm really trying hard to understand wtf tinchy stryder is saying in this mix i'm listening to, but i can't. Something about clashing Ears on LOTM 2..

MP3: Jools MF - I Need Your Love

Beck's version of "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" gets the glitch-hop treatment, but I actually like it. This is stolen from a girl called Sophie. She is grimey because she was at the id magazine grime night about 4 months ago at Cargo reviewing Lady Sovereign's "performance". (Sov was actually pretty good live). This isn't related to the above song at all.

Anyway, at this id thing, (i'm not sure if i've mentioned it before...have i mentioned it?) I went and stood next to Logan Sama while Adam 7 year glitch was talking to him. Logan's girlfriend was blatantly giving me the eye. I was like "listen girl, I'm not like that, Logan's a friend". Not really, but she wanted me.

Then, I went up to Ears and said "are you Ears" and he said "yeah, Airs" so I said "sorry, wrong guy, I was looking for Ears". Not really, but I was speaking to him and he shook my very hand. Blah blah blah...Jammer's dreadlocks.

JME looks like a lizard.

I've just managed to comprehend some of Tinchy's bars:

"your partner told i'm the boy he fears (wtf?)... your girl's choong, she loves to play dares...you wont see me downing beers...i'm on lord of the mics 2 clashing ears...i'm not rampin' this year"

VIDEO: Vader, Garna, Gomes, Ribs, Skepta, Jammer & Manga in Amsterdam

Skepta and Ears were on Rinse FM on Sunday night for a special superman dread birthday show. Happy 80th Jamble..."i'm a big man but im not thirty"

MP3: Dowee On Dekkle Alongside MerkBoys, AfterShock, Highly Rated & Kidz In Da Hood

Tinie Tempah coming in with the big bars. Vortex from kidz in da hood = Crazy Titch on crack. Seriously.

Roll Deep Crew's 'Avenue' video puts me very strongly in mind of S Club 7. Wiley would be Tina.

Kano's album is such an almighty letdown.


Pushermania said...

Thanks for all this stuff! I actually like the Kano album, for the most part...


kano's album is ok sssttttillllll.

ha ha.

no, it should have been better. it could've been. it lacks energy.