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VIDEO: Lethal B - No

Teen wolf.

VIDEO: Lethal B - Uh Oh

Not only did Sticky fling tha bizzle a re-jigged version of SLK's 'hype hype', he also had to make do with the same dodgy video location and, judging by the "special effects", the same director too. Uh oh indeed.

VIDEO: SLK - Hype Hype

VIDEO: Lethal B Interview

Man's making Ps. I bet he's even got a Woolworths gold card. Man can afford almost anything in the argos catalogue.



Pearsall Helms said...

that video is dodgeness cubed

I liked the bit in Risky Roadz where Fire Camp were doing their badman ting, and one of the guys rolled up in his mum's car. Bless.


it's kinda sad really

coxy said...

Tinie man.

Big voice in little riddim. Shame.