Call out my name, call out my name, call out my name. Soundboy, call out my name

Mans calling out my name!?!

I'm not having it.

I rang Skepta earlier, (I do actually have his number) but he didn't answer cos I rang from a private number.

So, I then rang him back about 15 times, and when ge eventually answered, I told him that I had beef and he ensured me that he was gonna back it. Phew!

I'm gonna have to get Wiley to write some war bars for me too.

Roll Deep were performing on Popworld this morning. Echoes of Blazin' Squad.

Popworld isn't even funny anymore. Miquita Oliver gets air. All she does is laugh. Simon needs to step up his game. He used to be the biggest wannabe-popstar merker on road.

MP3: Lethal B - Against All Oddz

Probably the best track on Lethal's new album. If you're wondering why the production is a lot better than you expected, it's because it's a Plasticman track called 'Funeral Vibes'.

The album is ok. Lethal's got a big new catchphrase: "promotional use only". It's like the new "pow". He uses 3 or 4 times in every song.

MP3: Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra - Nasty Boy / For every man there's a woman

Kanye West & Shirley Bassey; Eminem & Dido; Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue; PJ & Duncan. This collabo is bigger than all of those.

MP3: DJ Garna, Skepta, Grizzly, Manga & Krafty on Manic FM

Big mix from Plasticman's Cha VIP to Mark One: 'Plodder'. I'm gonna steal that mix idea for myself when the 12"s are finally released.


Jim Jam said...

Textbook gunfingers from Plasticman in that photo. Mark One should get some tips from him!


listen here sonny jim: i make the wise cracks on this site.

if you don't like out, tough.

GTTRBRKZ said...

who's the guy with the homemade cassette mixing rig?! looks like a whole heap of fun...


i'll send u the link to the website gutta (if i can find it again).

Sammy said...

Who the hell r u guyz? You stink!

Sammy said...

my name is samantha and this guy is a B*TCH

Sammy said...

and wut kinda name is gutta?!