Blog of the week: George Lamb is a Cunt

Below is an excerpt from my blog of the week, George Lamb is a Cunt.

A list of things that sound better than the George Lamb radio show:

1. Vomiting
2. Hearing the news your child has terminal leukaemia
3. That noise the Commodore 64 used to make while loading games
4. George W. Bush
5. Your alarm on Monday morning
6. A dentist's drill
7. Every episode of Sex and the City back-to-back
8. Microphone feedback
9. The four minute warning
10. A child learning to play the violin for the first time
11. Train wheels scraping against the track
12. A four-week caravaning holiday around Birmingham

One thing: I'm not exactly sure what a four-week caravaning holiday would sound like. Possibly something along the lines of brrroooommm-parp-parp- mooomahhhneedthetoooiiiilleeetttt-parp-parp-brrroooommmm-parp-parp- awwwroighhtttluv-parp-parp-brrrrooommmm.


cunt said...

Thats funny but i prefer this one:


Dr P-Hall said...

haha, amazing.

Anonymous said...

and my lemon and herb joke got used too

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Anonymous said... is spot on.

If I wonder if John is affected enough to kill himself. We can but hope

Dr P-Hall said...

prancecock is amazing. best blog on the web right now. i'm honoured.