Knife Crime Nuggets #1

Knife Crime Nuggets theme

I've seen loads of great knife crime snippets in the press over the last few months and although the furore seems to have slightly died down, I will now be collecting the best bits I find in a new column called Knife Crime Nuggets. I've even got a theme tune. If someone wants to do me a logo, that would be good. Something involving chicken nuggets would work I think.

The above comes from yesterday's Independent, in which smut lady Tracey Cox reveals, after a quick read of the Daily Mail, she spends the rest of her day cowering in fear at the prospect of all those knife-wielding "hoodies" rampaging on our streets.

I'm presuming she manages to get some respite while she is frantically fondling herself on top of a washing machine.


decks said...

wow she's really well read

Joe Ruckus said...

600 books! AND the Daily Mail!? That's a lot of blurb to pack into a week's lit review. How does anyone manage to hack so much into a literary week.