Me, me, me

I've been preparing you over the last few weeks for this point. I'm leaving behind UrBaN Mu$iC to move into animal journalism. My column in Vice this month is the start of this new career. You can read the online version here, although it's slightly different to the printed copy. Someone has callously Americanised the word "favourite". Also, they edited my honourable animal mentions list, taking out George W. Bush.


faris said...

life changing

MeLongGone said...

no offence, but your new direction is sh!t. Been going down hill for a while now.

Much preffered the urban music, but hey, whatever floats your boat, twas good while it lasted etc etc

See you around (not here tho)

They do say never forget your roots, and it appears you have! fool

jambear said...

Did you move to animals because my blog was slewing you differently?

I love speaking like this!

Anonymous said...

Vice printed that??? GRIME IS OVER.

WhatALoadOfRubbish said...

what do you mean vice printed THAT?

As if they had any sort of standards?
Vice really is the shittest self-obsessed over ponced trash producing drivel writing magazine ever, why do you think it's free?

Prancehall's grime column just about made it readable, now that's gone hopefully the mag will die a death and stop wasting paper and stop clogging up the flyers section of my local size?

El Presidente Hugo Chavez said...

animournalism is a strong look for you


stop crying you fucking babies. animal journalism? is there even such a thing? are there people out there just writing about animals?

SMART said...

T'is amazing how many people read this blog and still don't get your humour.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

i love it.
it's gr8.
grrrrr8 like tony the tiger who didn't make your list.

urban music is pretty cool but less cool since people like tapedeck and styleslut pee-peed all over it.

Rudo said...

Still though, was a pretty shitty vice column.

Rudo said...

PS. My dad rapes me.

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