Halcyon days

Today is a very special anniversary. It's almost exactly two years and 11-and-a-third months since I first posted the "Bow for the Wolves" video. This was the "Junior Spesh" of its day. Who remembers grime back then? To quote my friend Jack: it was the nangest of times, it was the aggiest of times. Incidentally, my column in Vice this month contains some "explosive" excerpts from Jack's diary from his recent tour with Tinchy Stryder. Read it here.


Anonymous said...


I remember the days of lord of the mic 1

back in my day....


Torres is 2 grimey said...

that wolf pack tune is a disgrace!
Who told them they could produce/mc?

I have heard whispers of a possible Goodz mixtape/album, can you confirm or deny?

Willardo said...

You should do a one year anniversary special where you should track down the fat kid with the afro and get an interview to find out what he thinks about the current state of grime and if he's got a mixtape on the way.

tom said...

Prancey - I have to say I am greatly dissapointed with your comparison of 'Bow to the Wolves' with 'Junior Spesh'.

'Bow to the Wolves' is a seminal grime classic, to which you cannot compare the likes of 'Junior Spesh'- for instance, name a single bar in Junior Spesh that has the resonance or power of 'screwface me, knock to the eye'

however, your thorough knowledge of the younger mucky wolfpack's ecosytem is most impressive, and for that we must forgive you, you truly are a modern day Attenborough of Bow E3.


yep, the comparison was more to do with the cult status of both. i like "bow for the wolves", fyi.