The Vice Guide to Taking it Easy at College

Photo by Bruno Bayley. Words by me

Many people start their drinking career in college. If this becomes a problem for you, alcohol rehab can help get you back on the path.


Anonymous said...

If that took you more than five minutes to write you wasted your own time as well as mine!

I dunno why I bother coming here anymore, you seem to have become a bit complacent and treat us with contempt, post some interesting sh!t or close the blog.

And by interesting sh!t I don't mean a youtube video and a sarcy comment.


i told you on the other post to fuck off if you don't like it.

and put the hair straighteners away while you're at it, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Ouch, this Tiger bites! Sorry kid, but I am not the same anonymous.
Seems there are a few deluded ex-prancehall readers.

I don't have a Myspace before you start accusing me of dissing you on that as well.

Urban Nerds said...

I'm kindly asking the waste of space 'anonymous' haters to grow-up and stop slowing down my server with fucking idiotic complaints.

This is a FREE source of light news and entertainment, not an over priced hardback.

And for Mr 'youtube video and a scary comment [what?]' if you think you can speak volumes, educate and entertain (all in less than five minutes of course), why don't you start your own bleeding blog? And have the balls to put a name to it while you're at it.


a fan said...

Your posts are getting slyly lazy though.

(no hate)

Anonymous said...

"you seem to have become a bit complacent and treat us with contempt, post some interesting sh!t or close the blog."

omg. treating you with contempt?
you studying for an HNC in law?
seriously chill out. idiot.

start your own blog or stop wasting your precious time reading someone else's if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the vice piece and the fader stuff is always on point. At the end of the day why bother coming here and posting how much you don't like something, seems a waste of time to me. Prancehall must have to write some other stuff instead of putting everything for free on here, he did his graft let the guy get paid. As long as you post links to the other stuff you write on here, you can tell me what you bought at asda for all i care. I wouldn't bloody comment about it thats for sure.