Usually sit, usually sulk, usually grumble (about my video not being right)

Wiley (far right) kicking back. Photo by Jamie-James Medina

To quote myself: "I heard while the video for 'Wearing My Rolex' was being shot yesterday, Wiley decided he wasn't into the idea, so refused to take part and instead sat in a car all day. I'm picturing Wiley slumped stubbornly across the back seats with his arms folded with label people continuously coming and trying to coaxe him out. In the end they had to shoot the video without him."


Eskemo said...

can any video idea get anywhere as bad as the video for 50/50? Just pure greenscreen bollocks.

I want a 'pies' kinda jokey video.

(also check ou my blog, need some exposure f some sort)

Badman2012 said...

I know how you feel. Last summer I tried to interview wiley for a U.S magazine over the phone. He was all moody and monosyllabic because he was probably changing his username on myspace or setting some fourteen year old straight on the rwd forum. Then he hung up mid sentence and told his press agent that I was asking about dizzee (never mentioned it...hmm) It was very charming. But you are right. The track will do well despite Wiley.

Eskemo said...

its a pretty bad look for him.
wearing my rolex is gonna be a big tune. And the video in the top 10 is a major thing for an artist. With him not in the video, well all these 13-14 year olds arent gonna know who this guy is, i just think he loses the plot, like he doesnt wanna get known out of the stagnent grime scene.

Or maybe FRANK is right and that smoking too much peng makes you paranoid, and he thought the cameras had small guns in aimed by marcus nasty and raskit.

slackk said...

where'd you hear this?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that Prancehall is slowly turning into Chris Tarrant?

i.e. Past his peak, embittered, out of ideas and therefore basing his career on unamusingly commenting on videos.


i heard from someone who was there. if you dont believe me, read wiley talking about it here the other day:

also, when was chris tarrant's peak? has it all been downhill since the halcyon days of his capital fm breakfast show?

Mumdanze said...


Anonymous said...

I heard wiley is scared of foxes.. he has a phobia..