WARNING: ***white*** people talking about ***black*** music

News just in from one of my many, many worldwide correspondents. DJ Bumdance Mumdance (you know I'm only joking, Jack) has just come back from Austria where he was DJing with Boy Better Know at some kind of festival and he has some videos and stories and stuff to share:

This video was taken backstage at the Vice party in Austria, after they played. It was just after BBK got interviewed for MTV, but for some reason Skepta drew the short straw and was was asked to hold the camera light while JME & Maximum were interviewed. The crowd were loving the grime, a lot of them were throwing really, really stupid gang signs and saying "blap!" with thick European accents. BBK kept saying, "We're gonna do some tricks now" at any opportunity in a quiet environment, such as the plane taking off. It didn't have ay real meaning, I think they got it off a random YouTube video.

I heard a preview of JME's album, which is just about to go to press. It's massive, maybe crossover potential. He sings on a few of the tracks too. People will be surprised.


Jack has done a remix of Santogold's "Creator" featuring Jammer, Badness, Chronik, Rage, Slickman and Tempa T, which you can find on Diplo's new mixtape. Also, he has a night this Friday at the Old Blue Last.


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continuum said...

deep BBK video

Anonymous said...

JME is rubbish.

Anonymous said...

is that Jack Savidge your talking about?



Anonymous said...

Very good! I like it!!

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