The single most harrowing thing I have ever seen (this week)

The start of this looks like a Grange Hill audition tape gone wrong. Pretty dark side. Although there are some big bars at the end.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! although give credit where's it due, it's only slightly worse than the original...never slippin when comes to the chicken waaaaaaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

harrowing. that 'dark sided' thing is just plain terrifying. i also love how she had no problem taking the $$$ when she realised she could use it to pay for a stomach clamping op.

also, what the fuck is the 'murkle man charity bash' thing in the corner?!?

Anonymous said...

yeah, credit where it's due *ahem*


^ who's that?

crazy woman vid via jiro
chicken vid via ronojoy

Anonymous said...


spam the above fekhed plssssssssss!