Willie Bounce

There's an interview type thing with Elephant Man on VBS today. It's pretty funny. It was done while he was in the Bad Boy studios in NY. He seems to be doing pretty well for himself now, eh?

One thing: Why is dancehall described as "The Jamaican equivalent to punk-rock"? It's not. It's the Jamaican equivalent of hip-hop. Why does everything have to be in terms of punk-rock? When people say stuff like that it makes them sound like they don't know what they're talking about.

Here is one of my favourite video clips of Elephant Man: him vocalling the Christmas Stagger Rhythm in someone's cupboard.


elmz said...

yeh...like how grime was the new punk. no one in grime knows what punk is..

Alex Bok Bok said...

grime is like punk cos its the underdog music and it used to have real shoddy production values... i can see that comparison, though its arguably not that neccesary.

the reason everyone compares things to punk though is becuase journalists tend to be white and white people need to break things down on their own terms otherwise theyre too scary and alien to understand