Q: "What's been funny recently?" A: "Umm... Halloween? Britney? The drum-playing gorilla?"

Following my post purporting that I had proof Lethal Bizzle could see just like most other people, I have been questioned by none other than Dan Hancox of the Dot Alt blog. He claims he wants to see a signed clean bill of health from a registered optician before he believes Bizzle is cured. I can't do that but I have some more proof above in the form of a video. After 2 minutes and 55 seconds, you see Maxwell staring into the camera for an extended period without his shades. In saying this, the video is a year old and it's only recently he's been wearing the shades. Dan says someone should surprise Bizzle with a digicam and one of those optician's charts and challenge him to read from it. Maybe they should. Actually, if someone does that I will send them the new Kano album and a crate of Ribena.

BTW, I like Mike Skinner. I really do. But who is this Example guy he seems to love so much? He just looks like a guy desperately trying to hide the fact he went to public school. Has he sold any copies of his album? I guess he's lucky he hasn't got much label competition from The Mitchell Brothers.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, I dunno what the big deal with Example is either. He is basically just any mediocre UK hiphop guy, a mediocre rhymer from the most mediocre, dreary, pointless genre around. I'm assuming that's what spawned him, because I'm pretty sure he didn't come from Grime - he looks like the kind of guy whose phone they'd jack, "on road", for "pees", which would teach him not to try to buy skunk in dodgy areas really.

I mean, at least DaSafo is funny, you know? At least Skinnyman is toothless, you know? At least Klashnekoff is courting Channel U like a fourty yr old uncle trying to get down with the kids, you know? But what's up with this guy? All you can really say about him is he needs a shave