Pon de gym mat, pon de bank

Elephant Man has lost his mind. I thought Bad Boy had signed him to release music but it seems Diddy just wanted him to make some workout videos so he could work off his man boobs. A couple of points. First: why does the word "blazey" flash up when he says "blasé"? Second: my favourite move is the hand cart.

Don't Panic has put up an article where one of their journalists took Skepta on a date to the ballet. The best part for me is this:

“Where is your carnation?” I challenge.

“Oh shit yeah, I was told to bring one of those but I wasn’t sure what they were."

It's worth a read but it certainly pales in comparison and significance to my dates with Shystie (at The Natural History Museum), Mizz Beats (at The Ritz) and Judy from "Pow" (at London Zoo).


Lektrogirl said...


Elephant Man has come a long way since "Fuck Pussy"...

dm said...

The hand cart is awesome. As is the bit where his chain hits him in the face.

josh said...

Yeah i remeber the days of "kill gay like bird" and "watchie pum"
Nows he doing songs with wyclef about geisha's. And prancing about in what looks like the ashcombe schools gym.