My friend James bought me a copy of a new reggae / grime /dubstep magazine called Woofah a few weeks back. I didn't get round to reading it till last night because I had to read the new issue of The Source and the dog ate my homework, etc. It's a good one though. They somehow forgot to ask me to be involved (which is totally fine) but there's a Simon Hampson article in there which can only be a great thing. There's also a pretty interesting grime fiction piece. It just so happens I've started on a dubstep fiction piece. I'm writing it from the perspective of a 40-year-old farmer living in a village in Cornwall. Here is an excerpt:

As I cross a cattle grid into a foot and mouth exclusion zone, Benga's warm bass tones rattle my chest, and I think of Jah. I pass a working sheep dip. A sheep is flung into the bath of raw effluent and chemicals just as the beat drops, and Crazy D whispers "diggy diggy get on down" hoarsely. Like a horse, in fact.


Jo Whiley played "Heartbroken" by T2 this morning (not that I was listening or anything). It's going top 10 - I can smell it.

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keep locked in!!!!
Ruff Sqwad on tonite from 9!!!
The best for grime!
Listen live from their webpage!