Back then I was a little Linford / But not as ugly as Linford

Have you seen this? Wow. It just seems so desperate and lazy. They couldn't even be bothered to cut to a helicopter when there's the chopper sound in the middle. I guess they all need some cash. The Rakes' last album basically sold no copies so they've had to resort to this and Bizzle will work with anyone in a pair of skinny jeans. Also, Lethal's got sunglasses on again. I'm telling you, the fucker's gone blind. Send me a recent picture of him without shades and I will send you a Ribena in the post.

Me and Easychord wrote about this song in our column in the new issue of Vice while talking about pills being really popular in a lot of hip-hop coming from below the Mason-Dixie line. It's by KP and it's called "Bean Pop". When this comes on, all the girls in the club to do a little move where they mime throwing a pill in their mouth. Nice.


OMFG!!! My little 12-year-old next door neighbour is playing "Heartbroken" really, really loudly. Fuck. She blatantly heard me playing that shit and copied me. I swear, if it doesn't go top 10, I'm going to, erm, do nothing but it probably will do well in the charts I think.

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