I see the lights

I got the new Wiley double A-side single from Playtime Is Over today. It's grimey, nice and grimey. Will be interesting to see how it does commercially. Listen to "50/50" here.

Lethal Bizzle live at SXSW.


The post I did on Sunday April 1st (AKA April Fools' Day AKA yesterday) was a joke. The phenomenon of telling jokes on this day is nothing new. It happens every year. Some people may have heard of these joke things. They're quite popular. Especially on April Fools' Day.


dan hancox said...

i got totally merked on april fools day. my sister texted me that chris eubank and ken livingstone were on balham high rd, and then later that amy winehouse was on wandsworth common. i believed the lot, wot a mug. i blame my 7yg hangover.

Anonymous said...

i should have looked at the date!!!

Anonymous said...

jokes cost lives and freindships