Can't think of a title

I got the new Wiley album today. It's great. Album of the year. Full review when I get time to listen to it properly. One question, though: Why is Jookie Mundo on there?

Have a look at the tracklist. You'll notice a few previously released tracks on there, but whatever. All hits.

JME & Skepta played at Peaches Geldof's 18th birthday party last night. My friend was DJing so I managed to blag my way in with him.

There was a circus theme, so people had to dress up. Not exactly sure what the Adenuga brothers were going for with their looks. Cameras weren't allowed inside, but JME smuggled his in and I took a few pics with it. I should have taken some random ones of Bob (who was dressed in a clown outfit) and sold them to the tabloids. Only joking. I would never do that. Promise.

New Dizzee Rascal video.

DJ Khaled ft. T.I, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Baby & Lil Wayne - "We Takin' Over"

What's up with Weezy's voice on here? What's up with Akon full stop?


Bob Geldof said...

There was no free booze because I've given all my money to Afrika. You ungrateful fuckers.

Slicendale said...

Did you chat to Peaches, Prancer?

Alex Bok Bok said...

yeh i wondered about jookie mundo as well... meanwhile skepta and none of roll deep are on there

omg i cant believe thats what rascal flows over nowadays that production is SWAG

Anonymous said...

Im a big dizzee fan, but I dont really like this track but I think the video is great..

jazzy said...

dizzee tune is ok, a little different...if you wanna talk about swag production look back at most of older to work!!

Anonymous said...

I like the Dizzee tune - it's a grower

Anonymous said...

where can i get me a copy Prancehall, a promo that is.


no, didn't speak to peaches.


you can get promo from big dada records. conatct the label.

Beezer B said...

The Dizzee is unswag. I like it and the video? Dang.

Weezy's voice was even nuttsier on that Juelz record. Yidigg!

Anonymous said...

Nice one PRANCEHALL, thanx man