Nobody planned it

Grime DVDs are the second best thing to have come out of the grime scene. I'm not sure what the first best thing is right now, though. I'll have a think and get back to you. The above video is a clip of Wiley clashing Ghetto taken from The Movement's DVD. It came out a while ago. I didn't bother to buy it because DVDs are pretty expensive and the best bits are always uploaded to the internet. Btw, how good do all the MCs come across on here? The Movement are so much better on grime, so I don't know why they are persisting with the hip hop. I'd say they are losing fans with their Dipset tribute tracks.

I've been listening to Tinchy Stryder's album. It's OK. It doesn't really feel like an album, though. There's a track with GoldieLocks on there. What's with grime MCs getting mockney girl rapper-singers on their albums? Did I miss the memo? Lily Allen on Dizzee's, Kate Nash on Kano's, and now GoldieLocks ruining a perfectly good Tinchy track. What's going on? There's no point focusing on the negatives, though. Track 4 on the album (I don't have track names yet) is the best thing he has ever done. I've listened to it about 30 times already today. It sounds like something that could have been on Boy In Da Corner - pensive, reflective, anthemic etc.

Roachie and Trim in McDonald's in New York.

I got a copy of Trim's Soulfood mixtape today. It's great. Maybe a few too many tracks, but a really, really good mixtape. I love the Roachie tribute intro. Trim is in the top three in grime, easily.


Dizzee's album is definitely growing on me. It's not grimey at all, so keep that in mind before you hear it. People still seem to think that there's a Joss Stone track on there, but it never made it. Dizzee didn't like it. But yeah, the album is a grower.


Anonymous said...

never understtod why everyone rate Ghetto so high, his flow is like "biddi biddi biddi.." neverending skippy and never changing.

Bathman said...

Prancehall. Your views on the new roll deep video now it's finished?
And the claims that Skratch is now top boy in the scene?

Anonymous said...

In this video, skepta looks the happiest mc Ive ever seen spitting haha

Blackdown said...

so prancehall, you sure you've actually heard the Dizzee LP now?


yeah i'm pretty sure.

roll deep vid is ok.

skratch? scratchy?

Anonymous said...

Trim is brilliant

grime MCs doin hiphop always sounds awful. grime is better than hiphop anyway so they might as well jus stick to grime

Hadiza said...

Goldielocks produced the track

king said...

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