"Clarkson is a wasteman"

I did an interview with Kid Sister last month when she was in the UK. You can read it here.

Lethal B is back with even more Cribs. It is, as usual, incredible. He's very keen on his bins, is the Bizzle. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. Bins are important I guess. Everyone needs a bin.

MIA & Afrikan Boy

We didn't win the gayPod battle yesterday. We got to the semi-final and lost to some French guys. We beat Radioclit & Sinden's team and everyone said they were going to win beforehand. MIA's team won. She's pretty small, she is. Tiny, in fact. I was shocked. Well, not shocked, but slightly surprised. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, Trim showed up because he's friends with Radioclit. OMG, Afrikan Boy was there too. He did a PA at the end of "One Day I Went to Lidl". That song is like every hipster kid's favourite grime song ever. People are always talking to me about it. They love him. So weird.


Alex Bok Bok said...

i recon afrikan boy IS pretty cool
hopefully he's got more than one song in him

Anonymous said...

i hate how every posh knobhead laughs at the lidl tune, i've heard pure arty richmond bell ends laughing like its all a big joke, and it is, but its not nice to hear from them, its like pass the duche for 2007