A sincere thanks to all four people who showed up to my night on Saturday. As these ladies perfectly demonstrate, that's more than enough people necessary to have a great time. Okay, so a few more than that showed up, but whatever. I've got a lot of international people lined up for their first UK appearance, so look out for that.

This is a Russian guy walking it out. Southern hip hop is a lot bigger in the rest of Europe. Unk's got a German radio tour coming up. If I booked him for a show over here, I doubt I'd get more than a handful of people who'd want want to see him.

(If you like the Russian guy's moves, you can also watch him dancing to Chingy here. The guy is INSANE - he makes Britney Spears look (almost) mentally stable.


I've heard Mr Wong is working as a bus driver in Streatham, if anyone gives a shit.


Alex Bok Bok said...

omg imagine getting on Wong's bus!!!!!

Anonymous said...

prancey gimmie your thoughts on the following:

I rekon grime MC's doing their own production is killing the scene. It's unlikely that one person will be both a great MC and a great producer, but MC's are usually egotistical enough to think that the waste bars they made on fruity last night are heavier than any other beat on road. as a result loadsa new stuff is fuckin rubbish.

we need the dubstep producers (skillful, heavy, know how to make a sick club beat) to link with the big MCs, otherwise the scene is gonna collapse under the weight of shitty shitty production.

Lektrogirl said...

hey bok bok dont you mean "OMG imagine getting on the Wong bus"??!!

hahaha i laughed til i cried.