I was at the Roll Deep video shoot today for their single "Celebrate That". It was being filmed at the Old Blue Last and everyone was there (except Wiley, obviously). The song is all about celebrating the fact that their album went silver, so they play a bit of pass the parcel with their silver disc in the vid. Pictured above is Brazen with said disc. I took the picture. My friend Alex Sturrock said I'm the Terry Richardson of grime. Just saying.

Here is some of the video being filmed, if anyone cares...

I'm not so sure about all the wickedy wickedy body popping break dancy flex movements, but hey, Roll Deep videos usually turn out OK.

When I turned up everyone was upstairs in the pub smoking loads of weed and drinking cheap wine. They'd been there since 8.30 AM so everyone was kind of fucked. Breeze and Scratchy seemed coherent enough to speak, so I got them to do some stuff on camera. I spoke to Scratchy about Wiley retiring and he said he's positive Richard will be back MCing very soon. Interesting.

This is the video for JME's "Serious" Remix, for those who haven't seen it.

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a.d. said...

ohmygosh i want this hoodie.
could you please ask brazen where he got it from? i mean for real...its lovely.