Don't Step on My Js

Hold tight everyone saying that God's Gift rushing Wiley yesterday was staged. Read here to find out what happened.

Wiley texted my friend yesterday explaining what happened and said: "trouble jus follows me i like it tho it keeps me movin imagine i get kicks out of danger and trouble its sick bruv."

Obviously the blows to the head were affecting his grammar a little at this point.

Tempa T has invented a new dance and wants to make a video to show it to people. Look out for that.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation with Tempz today:

Question: What do you want for Christmas this year, Tempz?
Tempa T: A lot.

Real talk.

Talking of Christmas, I recently phoned around to find out exactly what everyone wants this year. Skitz Beatz wants an Akai MPC 4000 or a G5 laptop, Skepta wants turntables, Manga wants "low cut Air Force Ones that change colour to what you're wearing and never get dirty", Riko wants Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for the PSP and Danny Weed wants Joseph Simmons' daughter's phone number (he actually told me he was after Russell Simmons' daughter's number but she's like 6, so I had to assume he got confused). I needed the info for an article I was doing but when I asked DJ Scholar he got a bit carried away and gave me his full address to send him the list of stuff he wanted, like I was actually going to do that.

Finally, I got sent this link today of Logan Sama showing his sketchy musical roots in his new video. Thanks to Dave White for the heads up.


Anonymous said...


That gay guy is blatently a homo. Any excuse to prance around cow country wearing a mesh top, and flex. Brokeback grime parody.

Hard to watch. Made me cringe.


Anonymous said...


I just watched a little more of that, and he actually goes down, on the mic stand like a stripper.

Anonymous said...

absolutely atrocious, makes you cringe to watch that!

f*ckin terrible!!!!

Anonymous said...

This wasteguy is on crack, what is he doing!!

Anonymous said...

big fucking tune. no really.

Anonymous said...

in all seriousness, tonxtantrum video is hotter than most of the grime played on channel U. i've watched it about 40x now - the hook is catchy as hell, the production makes me wana slap some ass, all round its big.

Anonymous said...

Its the worst thing ever, yet I get a strange enjoyment from watching it. This does not make it good though.

Does it?

Anonymous said...

What you got against Logan? Don't tarnish man's name cuz you're not as big.

Anonymous said...

Hey its TonxTantrum on this blog right now! haters/fans thanks for peeping the vid still, cheers!