I'm DJing tonight in Brighton at the Concorde 2. I'm on with Ears, Faction G and Knuckles (Tempa T can't make it) at 12. Ruff Sqwad are on some time later. Don't come.


Anonymous said...

safe for playin, was big.

i met u and ears after backstage

Anonymous said...

this blog is getting well boring now. not as boring as some other blogs, dont get me wrong, but still a bit boring. i know theres not much going on but you could at least make some stuff up or maybe do some investigative blogalism and try and see why that is.

Anonymous said...

yeah hey, i met you and ears backstage, it was great we like talked and stuff, i was wearing a brown hat do you remember, you told a really funny joke about a seal, hahahahah, when are you and ears coming back i feel lonley now, why did you leave me and go to the bar, you said you would come back but you didnt.