Prancehall Kills Brighton

I played in Brighton on Friday with Ears, Faction G and Knuckles (Tempa T was washing his hair so couldn't come). We all travelled down together, so everyone came to my office before we left. Pictured is Knuckles handling business. Ears said he wants to do work experience here but he's only going to come in one day a week and that day will be spent playing the Xbox 360 we have in the basement. Go here for live pictures, not that anyone gives a shit.

This is the video for the David Sugar & Ears single. I was speaking to Ears about why it's taken him about 10 years to get his mixtape out and he said it was because Jammer had some tracks of his and they had a big falling out and blah blah blah, oh and also his dog ate his homework, but yeah it's out very soon.

Congratulations to Statik for being voted in at number 30 on the NME cool list. I called Stats to exclusively get his view on this huge bestowment of honour. This was his response: "It's a lot."

New online Lil' Scrappy TV show, not that anyone cares, but I like it, even though it's kinda boring.

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Jeffle said...

ill work for you. attack i don't even like xbox.