War Report

MP3: Wiley vs The Movement / Cold Blooded War Report from Logan's show.

Just a couple of notes:

I like Scorcher a lot, but that beat is awful. I don't really know why Devlin is getting involved. I've rated him for ages, but that kid probably wouldn't even be MCing if it wasn't for people like Wiley. Wretch 32 sounds boring. His voice is boring. His bars are boring (apart from calling Wiley a "washed-up Pokemon," which is funny). The Revolver dub is completely pointless - Wiley doesn't even need to reply to him. Wiley's sounding better than he has in years. Sometimes he sounds really lazy and lethargic, but at the moment he's sounding better than he ever has. It's like he can't be bothered unless he's clashing someone. Anyway, the best line from all of the dubs has to be Wiley's: "My hair needed waves and so I brushed it." Almost as good as his: "There's no set time I have my tea at" (taken from "Crash Bandicoot Freestyle" on the Tunnel Vision Vol. 1 mixtape). Now that's something I can relate to.

I just found this video of Roll Deep live that my friend took at TDK. Wiley didn't show up, but I guess that goes without saying.


Danny Walker said...

Yeah, big pic!!! The war report is truly hotting up. I'm not sure where Gift was going last night with that dub but hey... Scorcher will reply.

Wretch 32 (a usually very very big MC) was slipping on his verse.

Devlin's bars were BIG.

Wiley's bars were also biggle.

A fresher-than-fresh Wiley interview has just gone up on my blog AND Roll on Tunnel Vision - Volume 3 that's what I say.

razorcrazed said...
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razorcrazed said...

Scorch and Devs were sick.

Wiley was sicker than sick.

Wretch? No comment, LOL!

Anyway Prancer *psssssst* i wrote a bar for Scorch to use against Frisc, i know you and him are coo, so pass it on:


"Fris put down the blunt and pick up the pen,
using wiley's unused rhymes just makes you sound like a speng."


razorcrazed said...

And one for Scorch to use against Fris:


"Richard why do you associate with gift?
For a 10 bag of brown he leaks your shit."