It's a lot

I guess you've heard Wiley's decided to shoot himself in the foot by giving his mixtapes away as free downloads before they are even available to buy on CD. Pretty weird thing for someone at the forefront of a scene that never stops complaining about people downloading their stuff to do, eh? Gimme a sign if you think I'm right Richard.

Anyway, enough about that. Does anyone else find that they barely watch TV anymore? Personally I just look at stuff on Youtube instead.

I like searching for:

Old classics

Recent live performances (I want one of those Young Dro T-shirts)

New music videos

Stuff that I can't stop watching


Can people stop telling me they're going to send me pics of stuff like DJ Scholar working in Selfridges or Fuda Guy outside his house, and then not send them!?! It's not good. Feel free to email them over.


manara said...

omg that knuck if u buck cover is incredible. someone should cover some grime like that but unfortunately grime isnt big enough and prob too fast. and it would only get played on radio 3 anyway.

manara said...

and yeahr ok ok i'll get my picture of target waiting for a train to you

alex bkbk said...

fuck that is the best college band in the world !

o yeah and:

his trainers:

so you kno i aint just chattin

Immryr said...

T.V. is a dead duck, and who watches a dead duck? Not even its mother, she just flys off looking sad.

Anonymous said...

The college band were amazing...

Met Young Dro when I went Atlanta last week....nice guy too, shame i didn't know who he was at the time...oh well.

Take care