Might see me on the news at 10 / At 18 I bought my first 9 / I'm hungry and I just ate

To everyone emailing me wondering how Scorcher's kittens are doing: they're fine. Also, I just thought I'd let you know that Scorcher's the best MC in grime right now.

After about a 3 year wait, Lord Of The Mics 2 is finally being released on July 28th.

The new PHTV DVD is out right now. It's great apart from the bit where Lady Ny puts out a request looking for her lost dog (?). Check out the Gully Gang freestyle and Terminator from Cold Blooded MCing like he's possessed (shown in the clip above).

East London now has its own version of the Dutty Whine, called the Chicken Dance. Kids do it on the way to the chicken shop. I invented it (not really).

Catch me on the gramaphones at the next Dirty Canvas.


Finally, big up Frank from Turnpike Lane - deep guy in the ends (maybe).


razorcrazed said...

Narstie kills LOTM.

Chicken Boi, LOL! Shits hilarious.

Termaninator, what can i say, heavy.

Anonymous said...

terminator looks like a camel rudeboy!

joe said...

prancehall work harder. terminator rules. more please.