If you're on road, you have to know this / There's man on the road making duppies every day just like Joseph

God, it's been quiet in grime recently. Is everybody on holiday in Ayia Napa or something? Wiley can be excused, because he's just had a new baby and I think we can excuse Scorcher too because his cat has just given birth to kittens. I hear he still needs homes for some of them, so if you're interested, message me and I'll pretend that I'll contact him on your behalf.

I also heard Jammer had his birthday bbq on Friday. I was gonna go, but it was my birthday too so I had to celebrate elsewhere and also I wasn't actually invited.

I got a bottle of Moet for my birthday, which I'm saving for Riko's birthday bash.

We all know that Knuckles is pretty big, but there's a new guy on the scene called Sonic The Hedgehog. Check out him trying to slew Knucks at the end of this clip.

Also, check out this deeeeeeeep freestyle from Plan B. I didn't really rate him until now - a podgy ex-RnB singer who raps about raping girls while playing acoustic guitar isn't usually my thing - but he's coming with some different bars on this freestyle.

Finally, have a little look at this amazing new video from an uknown northern grime crew. This almost beats 'Murkle Man' for concept - a guy with a Scream mask hiding in a tree in a park - who comes up with these ideas!?!?!


Anonymous said...

The guy wearin red trousers in the up north video (you'll get murked) - classic. Oh and in your next blog entry, please write 'Frank from Turnpike Lane is a BADMAN'. SAFE

Anonymous said... watch dis, oh my diddy, funniest ting on road

lilly aka biggest gal on road said...

If Plan B and Lady Sovering become the "Poster Faces" of Grime I personally will terrorise Chantelle Fiddy and her entire family for allowing such a tragic thing to happen..and to profess to "elevate Uk Street culture" whilst blatantly focusing on "Major Label" signings who you are paid to promote in your blog and in the magazines you write for sickens me. Not to mention whichever Mc your shagging at the time..tut thats not journalism thats just plain wrong.

Fiddy..Gal better Know but yeah but Know but yer

p.s Skepta call me xxx

Anonymous said...

have u seen ur impersanator...

he's got a tribute blog to you where he basically copies what u post... photoshop and everything... bare jokes!!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to clarify dat hyperfrank IS NOT frank from turnpike lane so can u still big him up in your next blog entry. Bless

LIONESS said...

Cats scare me, 2 in one post is a nightmare!

Anonymous said...


R.I.P AISLEYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!