You might see war like Iraq / Come to your house at dark

Great little Statik interview here.

Also, check out some clips from an MTV2 grime documentary here.


I bumped into Faction G earlier today - he told me he was going to eat a Galaxy Easter egg tonight. Also, his mixtape is out in 6 weeks or so.

Don't say I don't keep you up to date with all the news and gossip.

I've been listening to a recent Slew Dem set non stop for the last week. Download it at Barefiles. Direct link here.


Don't forget Baby cham at The Old Blue Last this Thursday. He's on at 11pm I think.


Five Things that Make Me Mad said...

Cool blog! Please send me a list of five things you hate for my blog. Email is fivethingsIhate@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

is that babycham from Tu Tuff?


no, it's babycham the jamaican dancehall guy. he's in the uk promoting his album.

Anonymous said...

what's that shower riddim about 25 mins into that slew dem set? im guessing it's by waifa yeh but what's it called?

Anonymous said...

Tis called Night Ain't Nuttin' Long and it's by DJ Lion and Richie from teh Mark1 crew.

www.myspace.com/kamandem said...

That slew dem set u upped is of low quality man. Why would u re listen to that.

Also i cant afford to go out and see Baby Sham, so if some one could go out and get his autograph, then scan it and then email it to me, ill be forever greatful, thank you!

Anonymous said...

what's the tune they keep rewinding between 10 and 20 minutes?

Anonymous said...

whos dat get back draw for da SWwIIIIIIING kill em !!!!!